Daelan Wood

Web Developer & Filmmaker

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The Northern Sessions

The Northern Sessions is a live performance video series. We just started our second season and have produced over 50 live music videos for bands within the Edmonton Area. I am responsible for filming and Editing.
The Northern Sessions

Tegler Youth Centre Mural

I was asked by designer Justin Kowalczuk to document the process of him designing and painting a large scale typographic mural at the Tegler Youth Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.
Tegler Youth Centre Mural


unvisited.io is a content aggregation tool. You specify the sites/blogs that you want to read and it aggregates the content and formats it into a clean readable layout. The tool is built with a custom PHP Framework.
Todd Babiak

Daelan and I have the same shoes. This makes us leather brothers. Wait, that didn’t come out right. He could do anything to me. No, hold on. I mean: I would trust him to do anything. Does that sound dirty? I’ve lost all perspective.

Tate Young 2

Daelan is an above average MC. Not like a wedding MC, but the kind that is in hiphop.

Caroline Gault

Daelan taught me how to href.

Janet King

Daelan is a perfectly ungreedy person to share food with.


Daelan loves throwing lamps in the river

Creative Genius
Gillian Thomson

I guess you could say Daelan is pretty cool. He is really good at Napoleon Dynamite quotes.

Falconry Master
Warren Johnston

Daelan has single-handedly eaten the second-most Farrow sandwiches out of anyone that I know.

Sandwich connoisseur
Tate Young

Daelan is pretty good at schniggy ball. Which is sort of an office sport. He’s not the best. But pretty good.

Mark karas

Daelan pulled me out of a river once... Seriously.

Renaissance Man